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Walk & Talk

Therapy Option

One advantage of the Walk and Talk Therapy option is that it brings the natural, restorative power of the outdoors into the therapy process. This could mean walking along the beach, going for a really easy hike or just walking through a peaceful neighborhood. Clients can even choose to walk their dogs during sessions if they'd like to.

When first meeting clients, Sara usually begins working with them 

in the office where they can get to know each other and begin making a game plan for therapy. At that point, if a client is interested in Walk and Talk Therapy, they could try out a session or two and see how it works for them. However, during COVID, if you would like this option, then the first sessions would be conducted via video and subsequent sessions would be conducted outside wearing masks.  Sessions can be moved to video any time a client wishes.  Walk and Talk therapy is subject to availability and if a client would like to meet at a specific area there may be an additional fee. If you'd like to find out more information about Walk and Talk Therapy, feel free to check out the following:

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