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Spring Cleaning Our Minds

During the winter months, nature is at rest, and in spring, a rebirth begins. Spring brings with it an energy for renewal and growth and is a great opportunity to implement changes in our lives. We can wake up from our winter hibernation and stretch outside our comfort zones into our potential. We start by being present and mindful that our intention is to use the energy of springtime to implement changes. I have heard about “spring cleaning” since I was a child - people often undertake a really deep cleaning of their houses during this time. We can do the same with our spiritual and mental “house” by taking its inventory and becoming aware of negative patterns that no longer serve us. Are we escaping reality, instead of dealing with difficult things? Trying to please others, to the detriment of our own needs? Once we become aware of these negative patterns, we can take steps to change them. Changing patterns that we have had for many years often takes time, so be patient, yet determined.

When we have made steps to clear away obstacles to our growth, then we can start to think about starting new, healthier habits to take their place. We can use the positive energy of spring to take on new challenges that will help us to grow. This is the time to start a new creative project, make a positive lifestyle change, make new friends, or take on a new hobby that interests you. Growth requires us to step out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves. In doing so, we can learn more about ourselves - what holds us back, what motivates us, and what is important to us. And, the process of setting goals and achieving them helps us to feel more capable and self-confident. With the coming of spring, it is a good time to clean as well as strengthen our spiritual house. Best of luck to all of us in this endeavor.


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