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Life in the pandemic

So we are all living through a pandemic which has upended our lives, our ability to socialize with family and friends, and virtually everything else. We are under additional stress due to the fear of us or our loved ones becoming ill or even dying, and many people have lost their jobs, or have less security in their jobs or finances. The lucky ones are now working from home and trying to adjust to this, and may be having to watch children as camps and schools are closed. Oftentimes, we are more isolated, as we are seeing each other less. All these factors have affected everyone's mental health.

Stress is higher and I believe many people are turning to unhealthy coping methods such as drinking or emotional eating. When one works or goes to school from home, there is not the same structure, so schedules sometime slip- bedtimes become later, meals or exercise routines get skipped, people can stay in their pjs all day. It is important to our sleep cycles to fall asleep around the same time every day, if possible. Regular exercise is good for both our bodies and our brains- it boosts mood and energy levels. Hunching over a computer all day can leave our muscles tense and our eyes tired- stretching and yoga can help. It is also important to prioritize our mental health during this time. A trained therapist can help with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Having an hour a week to feel heard, discuss our relationships, and check in with our goals can help us feel grounded and calm. By taking care of ourselves in this way we can gain some semblance of control in a world that can feel out of control at times.

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